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Enrollment Information
Welcome to Shelby County R-IV School District! Below gives enrollment procedures. Any school age child whose parents or guardians are residents within the Shelby County R-IV School District boundaries and who meets the legal and Board of Education requirements may enroll. all student enrollment is handled at the school.
New Student Enrollment Information
New students needing to enroll before the fall semester may do so on enrollment dates and times prior to the first day of school. Contact the school directly for these dates and times. Call the following locations depending on age of child and where you are located in the district: Shelbina Elementary, 573-588-2181; Clarence Accelerated Elementary, 660-699-3302; South Shelby Middle School, 573-588-2208; South Shelby High School, 573-588-4163; and Superintendent's Office, 573-588-4961.

New students needing to enroll during the school year may do so on any regular school day in the corresponding main office depending on your child's age and where you are located in the district.

If you have any questions about enrollment procedures, please contact the Superintendent's Office at 573-588-4961.