Shelby County R-IV School District

The Shelby County R-IV School District will begin the process to create an updated CSIP (Continuous/Comprehensive School Improvement Plan) over the next couple months. A CSIP is a three-five year strategic plan for a school district. 

"The CSIP serves as a long-range plan for addressing student performance and describes a specific set of actions to be undertaken over time to include living out a compelling mission (our why) and chasing an amazing vision (what we hope to become) in the next few years. It is not a document that merely identifies “what” the measurable goals and action steps for improvement will be. It is also a document that details “how/the roadmap” our district intends to achieve desired results and improvements when needed. We intend to use this plan moving forward.

As part of the pre-CSIP development process, the district will be working with Dr. Kevin Daniel, (KD), and members of his FiredUP Consulting Group team. The first step in the CSIP process is a culture and climate survey which will be distributed to all Shelby County R-IV School District Parents March 28th-April 8th, 2024. The survey link is included in this email. The following link will take you to the survey:

Shelby Co R-IV Parent/Community Survey

This link will be open until Monday, April 8, 2024. The district will also survey students in grades 4th-12th. The Parent Surveys will be open Thursday, March 28, 2024 and close Monday, April 8, 2024. We will also conduct Staff and Student Surveys for grades 4th - 12th during those same dates.

Your responses are confidential and will be shared with the administrative team. The feedback and survey data will provide a valuable resource as our district stakeholders come together to plan the next three- five years for our great district. 

Thanks for all you do, your time and feedback in advance.


Troy Clawson


Shelby County R-IV School District