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Vaccines are now available to control the majority of diseases that have caused illness
and death in children in the past. Medical treatments help to control many others, but
schools and child care centers must continue to play an important role in controlling the
spread of communicable diseases. By enforcing the state communicable disease
regulations, excluding children who are ill, and promptly reporting all suspected cases
of communicable disease, personnel working with children can help ensure the good
health of the children in their care.

Be alert for signs of illness such as elevated temperature, skin rashes, inflamed eyes,
flushed, pale or sweaty appearance. If a child shows these or other signs of illness, pain
or physical distress, he/she should be evaluated by a health care provider. Children or
staff with communicable diseases should not be allowed to attend or work in a school or
child care setting until they are well. Recommendations for exclusion necessary to
prevent exposure to others are contained in this document.

Please report all suspected cases of communicable disease promptly to your city, county
or state health department. Prompt reporting is the first step to ensuring appropriate
control measures.

Additional information concerning individual communicable diseases is contained in the
Communicable Disease Investigation Reference Manual located on the Department of Health
and Senior Services website at: