It is understood that any student who attends school and participates in an extra-curricular activity must conform to the standards established and published by the school personnel responsible for that activity.  Advance notice will be given concerning special dress requirements while attending various activities.  

**Seniors will also be informed as Graduation approaches what will be encouraged for Graduation Pictures and the actual Graduation Ceremony.  Any Senior not willing understands that participation in the graduation ceremony is a privilege not a right.

In keeping with established practices of good hygiene, safety, moral and social values, and to provide for a minimum of disruption and maximum of learning opportunity, the following guidelines are established:

  1. Any attire that in any way interferes with the educational process will be deemed inappropriate as determined by the Principal.  The following are but a few examples and each is handled on an Individual Basis!

  2. All students must wear shoes or sandals.

  3. Any clothing worn shall not have suggestive writing or drawings, or emblems that are obscene, derogatory, or racially offensive.  Ads for liquor, tobacco, double meanings or controlled substances will not be allowed.

  4. The braless/low cut look will not be permitted. Halters, backless clothing, see through garments, spaghetti straps, or bare midriffs will not be permitted at school.  Two-piece garments must overlap sufficiently so that, during normal movement and sitting the midriff is not exposed.

  5. Short or revealing clothing will not be permitted.  We need to also consider how the clothing reacts when the student sits or participates in a normal school day. This includes holes in jeans at inappropriate levels.

  6. Students are not permitted to wear caps, hats, hoods or bandannas in the school building.

  7. Trousers, pants and jeans must be pulled up to an appropriate level and zipped and fastened. 

  8. NO FACE PAINT OR ACCESSORIES THAT AFFECT A STUDENT’S APPEARANCE -NO HALLOWEEN Costumes (unless approved for Halloween activity).

** Dress Code violation Students will be sent to the Office and documented!!


1st Offense:   Student correct the issue

2nd Offense:  Student correct the issue, contact parent, 1 day ISS

3rd Offense:  Student correct the issue, contact parent, 2 days ISS

4th Offense:  Principal discretion

+++We will use a common sense approach to Formal School Dances (Homecoming, Courtwarming, Prom) as it applies to the Dress Code+++