Drop Off and Pick Up Traffic Flow

Drop Off and Dismissal Reminders for Parents

- The front doors at the Elementary will open at 7:45.  Students may enter and eat breakfast at that time.

- When dropping your child off at school please remember to pull all the way forward to the west end of the sidewalk.  This allows other cars to pull in and drop off their students behind you at the same time.

- Please stay in your car when dropping off and picking up your child.  Do not leave your car in the drop off / pick up line.  Others in the car line will get stuck behind you slowing down the traffic flow.  There will be adults at the front of the building who will make sure your child enters and leaves the building safely.  

- We ask that you do not walk your child into the building unless you have business in the office.  Please park in a parking spot if you need to speak with office staff.  You may enter the office to take care of lunch money, etc.  This is for safety and helps us in knowing who is in our building at all times.  We will give you opportunities throughout the year for special days to visit school such as Parent/Teacher Conferences, Grandfriends’ Day, Track and Field Day, etc.  If you need to see your child’s teacher please set up an appointment.

- Please send notes or call earlier in the day with transportation changes.  Coordinating dismissal is tricky and the more notice you give us, the easier it is to make sure all of our students are where they need to be.

- Follow the traffic flow map attached.  This will be the most efficient way to drop off and pick up your child.  It ensures a safe flow and separation of car and bus traffic.

Thank you for sharing your child with us this year!